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Writing in the 21st CenturyThings have changed! My vision has improved greatly. Recently, at the end of 2016, I had a cornea tranplant. It was a life-changing event for me. I am filled with gratitude, as well as enthusiasm. Now I can pick up my writing career and move forward.

A Big Fan of Yours - Tina MurrayAt last, I  have completed A Big Fan of Yours, the third novel in my Heston Demming series. I am editing it now, What's more, I have continued working with Carnegie Writers, Inc.  Our latest publication is Writing in the 21st Century, which is pictured here. I contributed a chapter. You may find it interesting if you are a writer who needs a bit of motivation. The book is available on Amazon.

Other forward moves include the updating of my social-media sites. Please feel free to like and/or follow me on Twitter and Facebook. You'll find my pages at www.twitter.com/tmurrayauthor and www.facebook.com/tmurrayauthor author. I can also be found at www.southernwritersmagazine.com.


On another note, I am working on a nonfiction book related to creativity in writing. I will be giving a relevant presentation/workshop at the AHEA conference in March, 2017. As usual, the AHEA (Adult Higher Education Alliance) will convene at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. I am making more plans, too. I hope to have a prescence at the the annual conference of the Romance Writers of America, also to be held in Orlando, Florida, in late July, 2017.

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That's my news for now. Thank you for stopping by. I hope life is treating you well. Remember, it is if you think it is.

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