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We are just at the start of founding something wonderful in memory of Pat Conroy and are incredibly grateful to all of you who have already donated to this nonprofit literary center in his honor. Your messages of love and good wishes have inspired us all. In the spirit of his lifelong generosity we are asking you to help us by your action.

Please consider going to the literary center’s Facebook page “liking” us. Post our URL and find ways to share news of this venture dedicated to changing lives of young people and encouraging writers and readers of all ages. For our dream to come true we will need a massive grass roots campaign to spread the word.  Please become part it.   Thank you! DONATE   Pat Conroy
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I co-wrote an article. It was published in an academic journal. The following link contains a second link, which leads to the journal itself. Our article is the second article in the journal.

Register here for the Carnegie Writers' Conference, 2016.


POETRY READING. In May, 2014, I was one of the featured writers  at The Tennessee Women's Theater Project's Women's Work, 2014, presentation. I read aloud three pieces of my work. I read two poems, “Your Words” and “Number Tenderness,” plus an excerpt from my essay, “Believe in Yourself,” the full text of which  appeared in a CSLN newsletter. I dedicated my reading to my own mother because the event was held on Mother's Day. Many thanks to project leader Maryanna Clarke and the others who helped put on the event. Special thanks to actors J. Karen Thomas and Colette Divine, who coached me into an effective performance. You probably recognize J. Karen from her roles on the TV shows, “Nashville” and “Drop Dead Diva.” Thanks to those of you who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign.

CARNEGIE WRITERS' GROUP. I became a founding member of the Carnegie Writers' Group in Nashville. I will be co-editing, along with the group's founder, Oluwakemi Elufiede, the group's first self-published book. Kemi has founded similar writers' groups in other cities, including Huntsville, Alabaama. Obviously, the Carnegie Writers' Group is affliated with the Nashville Public Library. Currently, the group meets at the Green Hills Library in Nashville. New members are welcome.

COURSE CURRICULUM. I have written an article which will appear in the Nashville CWG's first self-published book. The theme of the book is “brainstorming.” My article is related to the development of my arts-based course in Creative Writing.  If your group would like to participate in the development process, please let me know. I have been field-testing various lessons, most recently at the Cohn Center for Adult Education.

author picSEQUEL AND SONGS. Soon I will be winding up “A Big Fan of Yours,” the third book in my Heston series.  I continue to write songs and other works. Hope to make some more demos soon.

NEW MEMBERSHIPS. Recently, I have become a supporter of the Academy of American Poets, Poets and Writers Magazine, and the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. I have added these groups to my list of professional memberships, which include Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Radio and TV artists (SAGAFRA), BMI, and NSAI.

ARTS VOLUNTEER. I worked as a volunteer at the Tennessee Arts and Crafts Fair in May, 2014. I will do so again in September. As a student, I attended NSAI's Spring Trainingm 2014. The attendees came from around the country and beyond. During the winter, I spent New Years's in Tampa and the following two months in Oregon.

SONGWRITER HEAVEN. Oh, and a post-Happy Birthday, “Thank you!” to amazing songwriter, Lisa Aaschmann. Lisa has had over 700 “cuts,” by the likes of Art Garfunkel, Aaron Neville, and many other big stars. I attended her wonderful birthday party this year and felt as if I were in Songwriter Heaven. Met some great folks there. What a privilege!

That's the update—for now! Hope you're doing well, too. Keep on reading and writing :)