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A Chance to Say Yes
Heston Demming series

In Search of a Safe Harbor… 

Finally, after years of struggle, Heston Demming is at the peak of his acting career—a Hollywood heartthrob, his handsome face on every tabloid. When he comes home to Naples, Florida, his opulent lifestyle is declaration of victory over the poverty and hardship of his youth. But his triumphant return is a sham, a lie he’s told himself to keep from facing the truth.  

The truth is, his life is falling apart. It’s as though he is standing on the beach in the edge of the surf, each wave washing more sand from beneath his feet. And, with nothing solid to hang onto, he is going down.  

Then one “real” person comes back into his life, Poppy Talbot. The woman left behind in his quest for money and fame. Poppy still has the same sweetness as she did when they were love-struck teenagers. She could save him—if he could get her to forgive the past and win her trust…  

In Search of Escape… 

All the years Heston was away, Poppy Talbot dreamed of seeing him again. And had vivid nightmares about it. About the consequences. Poppy has a long-kept secret—a soul-deep secret. One, which, if she lets Heston back into her life, is certain to rip them apart…  

Set in sophisticated, tropical Naples, Florida. A Chance to Say Yes takes you inside the volatile private life of the exclusive beachfront community’s most celebrated son.


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For anyone who loves celebrity gossip with a gripping plot - this book is a must read.  With its surprising twists and turns, this first novel in the Demming family movie star dynasty is a love story that will leave the reader anxiously awaiting the sequel, which is already in the works.

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There's so much fakery in Hollywood, it's hard to go back to being real. "A Chance to Say Yes" tells the story of washed up actor Heston Demming. When his life is no longer so glamorous, he has little left to live for, except his old sweetheart Poppy Talbot. But in his quest for fame, he wronged Poppy, and forgiveness is never something that comes easy. "A Chance to Say Yes" is a novel of facing the mistakes of one's past, highly recommended. 5 stars--highly recommended, Midwest Book Review

This begins an enormously complex tale that involves Heston's two ex-wives, his son by one of them, a bisexual and ruthless artist, husbands of ex-wives and lovers, a turncoat "best friend" of Poppy, and other assorted ruthless hangers-on and manipulators. With so many characters in the plot, in general it would be difficult for an author to keep the story within the bounds of understanding. However, Murray manages to weave all of them together into a story that is a joy to read. In my reading, I generally avoid romance because it is too formulaic, predictable and the journey to the obvious conclusion is unexciting. That is not the case here, while you know what the happiness result is going to be, that knowledge is almost insignificant within the twists, turns and bounces through the life of Heston. Despite his pampered life of being a movie star, Heston is a man of action when the need arises and in this story, there is a lot of need. 5 stars, A superbly written romance with a lot of nasty characters, By Charles Ashbacher

A Chance to Say Yes is like a piece of chocolate. I savored this book a little at a time, as a reward, and I was truly sad when this treat was over. I loved the fact that this was not a formula book where you can predict each turn of events. A Chance to Say Yes was truly unique. I can't wait for a sequel. 5 Stars, Susan Torbin

A Chance to Say Yes takes you inside the explosive and private life of this exclusive beachfront community's most renowned son. For anyone who loves celebrity gossip, this book is a must read! The first novel in the Demming family saga from author Tina Murray - this is a love story for both women and men. 5 Stars, Judith

I just finished A Chance to Say Yes by Tina Murray and thoroughly enjoyed it on several different levels.
Romance is not my typical go-to genre when reading for pleasure but I admit to being totally caught up in the characters and story. The plot was as sophisticated and intriguing as anything I've ever read and the characters were complete and easy to identify with. I love it when good guys are good and bad guys are bad and she nailed the multifaceted personalities. Living in SW Florida myself, the setting was very entertaining. I admit to having an affinity for stories set in locales I know and have visited and this story paints tropical SW Florida in a way that is sure to make readers in other areas want to visit. 5 Stars, Darrell House

A Chance to Say Yes really turned my concept of "romance novel" on its head. I picked it up on vacation and simply could not put it down. ... I highly recommend it whether you normally read romance or not. You'll enjoy this book. I sure did! 5 Stars, G. Griffith

I started reading this book and put it down only after the plane landed. Drove home and read it until I had finished. Am waiting for the sequel. 5 Stars, Debi N

... Anyone looking for a sweet romantic tale with suspense will find it in A Chance to Say Yes. What's intriguing is the different levels of satisfaction Murray offers. While one plot against our heroine is quickly put in motion and just as quickly quelled, another plot pulls the suspense through a variety of twists and turns as you enjoy the overall romance story. It's all nestled among a descriptive narrative that should leave non-Florida-natives hungry to visit our Gulf shores. Sensory details abound bringing not just characters but scenes and surroundings to life for the reader. It's a good paradise to get lost in. 5 Stars, Sandy Lender