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I have a new publisher.

I am proud and happy to report that my steamy, but spiritual series of romance novels has found a new home. I have signed with a new publisher, SPEAKING VOLUMES LLC (speakingvolumes.us).

I am pleased to begin this association with SPEAKING VOLUMES. I look forward to a long and productive relationship. It is an honor to become part of the SV family.

As a result of this monumental change, other changes are underway, too. For example,my entire series has been renamed. From now on, it will be known as the Heston Demming series.

The big change means, also, that my first three novels, previously published by ARCHEBOOKS, will be reissued soon.

These threebooks are:

A Chance to Say Yes
A Wild Dream of Love
A Big Fan of Yours

SPEAKING VOLUMES will reissue each new edition in 2021. Each edition will be available in two formats,e-book and POD. Each will have both a new cover and new ISBN. Each will be available on multiple popular bookselling websites.

In addition, SPEAKING VOLUMES will release my fourth novel, A Wake of Starlight, in 2022, and will follow it later with a fifth.These will be released in e-book, POD, and audio formats. I am writing the fourth book now.

Naturally, I value my association with my previous publisher. I am grateful for all I learned and will cherish fond memories. However, a new adventure in publishing awaits, and I am eager to begin. Please check back soon for future updates.

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